A simple guide to making better decisions

I’m a pretty decisive person but I meet a lot of people who regularly struggle to make decisions both big and small. If you had asked me a year ago how I approach decision-making, I probably would have told you that in most cases, deep down, I just know which is the right way to […]

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3 pieces of advice for my 20-year-old self

One of the most treasured aspects of my life these days is the time I spend having great conversations with friends. I’m talking about those conversations that remind you just how great it is to be alive, conversations that leave you feeling inspired to do and be more on this earth just because they get […]

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2013 Annual Review

After the epic year that was 2012, I didn’t think I’d find myself saying this, but 2013 has also been kinda pretty huge for me. Losing my beloved Uncle at the end of last year set 2013 as a year of personal growth of a kind I haven’t experienced before. Losing someone so fundamental to […]

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Lessons in love – a tribute to Charlie

I didn’t want a dog, not at this point in my life anyway. Having a dog felt like something for the ‘one day’ pile, something for when I grew up and settled down, but I didn’t get much say with this one. Charlie was born on the 19th July, one of a litter of seven, […]

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Reaching your destination whatever it takes

This week the two people I spend most of my free time with left the island we live on for a spell of time back in Europe. Not one to sit around and feel sorry for myself, I decided to utilise all this extra free time and seize the opportunity to dust off my running […]

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The Fast Diet – a one-month update

Four weeks ago, I wrote a post about dealing with overwhelm and the need to get clear on my priorities in life. One of the things I talked about was embarking on Dr Michael Mosley’s Fast Diet, also known as the 5:2 diet. I’ve been on it for 4 weeks now and in this post […]

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There is nothing in that reaction

We’ve all been there. A conversation with a friend or family member that starts well but takes an unexpected turn into disagreement. What begins as a difference of opinion, can quickly descend into a slinging match of veiled and not so veiled insults. This is what I refer to as the ego coming out to […]

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Acknowledging overwhelm and getting clear

Over the last month or so, I have been feeling really charged, the drive and passion for achieving my goals, that had subsided somewhat since I left the UK, returned with a vengeance. On top of my day job, I found myself devouring books, having weekly accountability Skype calls, learning Spanish, going on 6am runs, […]

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My first ever podcast – listen to it here!

So randomly (or not if, like me, you believe in the existence of universal forces working to support our wildest dreams), I received an email a month or so ago from a personal growth website called Brent Smith Lifestyle (BSL) in America, with some 50,000 members, asking if I would be willing to talk to […]

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The most important choice you’ll ever make (and I guarantee you’ll make it today)

I believe that we each have a really important choice to make, in fact I would go as far as to say it is the single most important choice you will ever make. It’s a choice that determines how the rest of your life will pan out, how happy it will be, how content you […]

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