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The One Thing Standing Between You and Your Dream

I’m guessing that if you found yourself reading this post you have a dream? A vision of a better life perhaps? A desire for a happier, more fulfilled and more abundant life? Maybe that future life feels vastly different from the one you have now. So much so that you have a hard time mentally bridging […]



Six Causes of Procrastination And How to Overcome Them

Procrastination is the mother of all limitations, the arch enemy of our dreams and the most common complaint I hear from my clients. Most people have big, bold and beautiful dreams, some people even know exactly what they need to do in order to achieve them, but for some, seemingly unknown, reason most people find themselves stuck with an inability to […]

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Five ways to be more lucky in life

I’m not going to lie. I am totally in love with my life. I’m in a wonderful and loving relationship with the greatest guy I’ve ever met, I have a job I can do whenever and wherever there’s an internet connection, I have several wonderful and nourishing friendships, I spend much of my days having life-affirming […]

Mind the Gap by Jeff Fenton

Bridging the gap

I’m a Life Coach and as such I believe wholeheartedly in the power of coaching, so recently when I was feeling the need to step things up in my life and my business, I decided to get myself a kick-ass coach and as you might expect, he kinda kicked my ass. Before we even got […]


The one simple question that keeps me focused on achieving my dreams

I often wonder what drives some people to relentlessly pursue their dreams while others struggle to even get started. Over the last five years I’ve had both periods of relentless pursuit and periods of languishing productivity. Thankfully, I’ve recently entered the former after a longer than normal stretch of the latter and in that transition, […]

Personal Growth


A simple guide to making better decisions

I’m a pretty decisive person but I meet a lot of people who regularly struggle to make decisions both big and small. If you had asked me a year ago how I approach decision-making, I probably would have told you that in most cases, deep down, I just know which is the right way to […]


3 pieces of advice for my 20-year-old self

One of the most treasured aspects of my life these days is the time I spend having great conversations with friends. I’m talking about those conversations that remind you just how great it is to be alive, conversations that leave you feeling inspired to do and be more on this earth just because they get […]


There is nothing in that reaction

We’ve all been there. A conversation with a friend or family member that starts well but takes an unexpected turn into disagreement. What begins as a difference of opinion, can quickly descend into a slinging match of veiled and not so veiled insults. This is what I refer to as the ego coming out to […]

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Courageous Living


Five things you can do to overcome fear

The turning point that led to the creation of this blog was the realisation that I was letting fear run my life. It dawned on me that relinquishing control of my life to fear was not the wisest of moves. I came to understand that whilst it can be difficult to face and overcome our […]

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