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You want to live a life of meaning.

To live with purpose and to feel passion and joy on a regular basis.

To show up in the world from a place of integrity and wisdom.

I support people who have a track record of taking action, a vision to create something of impact and a desire for a straight-talking coach to help them get there. 

There is nothing wrong with living a conventional life, but you want anything but.

You have a deep knowing that you are here on this earth for a reason.

You have something important to do and my guess is that you are here to get support to carry out your purpose to the best of your ability.

Your biggest regret would be not living to your full potential. Dying with your song still in you.  


In 2010, after a lifetime dreaming of adventure and travel, I had an epiphany. I realised that if I let go of my fears and my limiting self-beliefs, I could actually do anything I wanted. I saw clearly that I’d been living in a cage of my own making and the door was and always had been wide open. I was ready to fly. 


In early 2012, I broke free from that cage, never to look back or return. Since then I’ve travelled across South East Asia, Colombia, lived in Thailand for two years, lived off the grid on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico for a year and now find myself living in Valencia, Spain with my wonderful partner.

These days I live my life on my own terms, making money doing something I love. I get up when I want, I work when I want, I live where I want and I wake up most days (because we all have lows) feeling happy, grateful, fulfilled and free. I’ve dedicated my life to supporting other couraegous changemakers to access and connect to their deepest truth. To unleash their true self and live their deepest purpose. I do this by helping you to access the courage you need to let go of the limits you have created so that you can start living the life you were always meant to live.

On this website you have access to a a growing bank of articles about living without limits, written by me and guest contributors. We talk about travel, business, facing and overcoming fears, spirituality, creativity, self-expression, freedom, connection and personal growth. You’ll also find a number of courses, some created by me and others that I would highly recommend. 

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