Cultivating Connection Program

A life lived fully is a life of connection. When you live from deep connection, you create deep connection. To everything. Other people, your work, your bigger purpose, Spirit, life itself. The Cultivating Connection Program teaches you how.

30 Dry Days Course

Are you tired of the effects of your alcohol consumption? Would you like to take a break from drinking? This email course supports you to take a 30-day break from drinking alcohol and in the process learn a thing or two about habits, how to break bad ones and form new ones that will support you to live a more fulfilling life.

From Doubt to Done Course

Do you struggle to take consistent action in the pursuit of your dreams? Are overwhelm and procrastination your constant companions? This email course supports you to take inspired and consistent action towards a goal or dream over the course of 30 days, whilst dealing with the inevitable self-doubt that arises.

Please note this course isn’t open for enrolment until May 2017, check back then or sign up to my newsletter to stay informed. 

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