I’m currently spending lots of quality time with a good friend of mine and we’ve taken to playing a game whilst driving around town on my scooter. The game hasn’t exactly got a name as such, but for the purposes of this post, let’s call it ‘the smiling game’. Essentially, what the game entails is taking it in turns to smile at the people who we pass with the single goal of seeing who can get the most smiles returned.

Before playing this game I’ve often heard it said that we should smile more at strangers because smiling realises endorphins that make you feel good and more often than not when a person sees a smile they will find it impossible to resist smiling back.

Having played the game quite a few times over the last week, I can now say that there are actually a fair few people who don’t smile back, either through confusion, suspicion or perhaps in some cases a delayed reaction but what I do know is that when a smile is returned, it gives me a complete rush of joy and I believe causes a similarly positive reaction in the recipient of my smile.

Once my friend leaves and with him goes the competitive element to our game, I know that I’ll continue to smile, big and genuine smiles to the people who I pass as I go about my business. I decided to share the smiling game with you, in the hopes that you might also discover just how much fun smiling at strangers can be and because in the words of Newton Faulkner, ‘people should smile more’.

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