Izzy Arkin of whynotliveanawesomelife.com

Conversation #1 – Izzy Arkin of whynotliveanawesomelife.com

Part 1:

Part 2:

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[00:01:46] Do I really want what I say I want?

[00:04:09] A story I’m telling myself

[00:04:47] Is it that people don’t want it enough or are they scared?

[00:06:54] The role of fear in transformation

[00:09:18] How important is it to have belief that there is something better?

[00:11:10] Fear of success

[00:12:11] My life is great and I still desire transformation

[00:13:37] Is transformation inevitable?

[00:21:09] Is the struggle part of the transformational journey?

[00:22:39] The role of struggle

[00:23:25] Being willing to be in the struggle

[00:25:58] I can’t do this on my own

[00:28:11] The role of curiosity

[00:30:39] The role of vulnerability

[00:32:40] The role of humility

[00:35:24] The role of self-worth and self-esteem

[00:38:50] The role of openness

[00:44:02] Izzy talks about his relationships with women

[00:46:59] Does it become less scary?

[00:48:37] Fear of loss vs. desire for gain

[00:52:04] Facing the fear

[00:52:40] The stories we create

[00:55:09] Do you witness your struggles?

[00:58:53] Going for things you don’t think will happen

[01:02:27] The difference commitment brings

[01:03:53] Making a commitment to play at your edge

[01:07:10] The power of relationships.

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