I have wanted to write a post about honesty and truth for such a long time but the words have never materialised. This morning I read a beautiful post by Hannah Loaring of Further Bound on this very subject and I felt inspired to finally write mine.

I have only discovered over the past eighteen months what it feels like to be truly, honestly me. Owning up to my passion for personal development and my desire to be bigger than my desk job took a lot of courage for me. Not usually comfortable with the lime light, I had never before felt so exposed or so vulnerable as I did when I hit publish on that first post all those many months ago. Having taken that leap those feelings of vulnerability didn’t go away, instead they continued to re-surface every time I hit publish on any post that felt particularly revealing of the real me and therefore open to attack or ridicule.

Recently, I’ve been reminded of the incredible reaction you can expect from people when you simply reveal your true self honestly. I’ve made some new friends in Chiang Mai and they’ve kindly taken a look at my work here at Life is Limitless and of all the posts I’ve written, they’ve responded most enthusiastically to my post titled ‘Things I’m afraid to tell you’.

Back in June when I published that post, video and all, I felt very fearful of being judged or rejected, but was instead blown away by the incredibly positive response I got for simply revealing more of the real me. In fact it’s not just this post but all of the posts that I’ve felt most nervous of publishing, for fear that maybe I’m revealing a little too much of my flaws or imperfections, that have been the most well-received.

Whilst a small part of me would like to think this reaction is down to my unique personality, I’ve realised that actually as people we can’t help but melt when someone shows themselves genuinely and without ego. Funny then, how when we feel most hurt, under threat or attack, it is our ego who jumps in to defend us and what a fine mess he usually makes of things too.

Next time you feel reticent to be honest, to be true or to be uniquely you, remember that it’s in those moments that our fellow humans cannot help but to reward us with their compassion, their understanding and ultimately their respect. I would never have known this had I not tried it for myself.