Today I arrived in Chiang Mai. It’s a place I’ve thought, read and talked about a lot over the past month or so because once I admitted to myself and you that I wasn’t enjoying living out of a backpack, I knew that I would have to find somewhere to hang up my hat for a while.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Chiang Mai. It’s well-known for its low cost of living, cultural vibe and it seems to be a place of choice for many bloggers and online entrepreneurs to recuperate and focus. I’ve done heaps of research online about places to stay, things to do and even which yoga studio I might frequent.

So at 6am this morning it was no surprise to me that as my bus pulled into the city I was hoping to soon call home, I felt a certain amount of pressure to fall in love with the place. Too exhausted to even take in what I was seeing, I headed straight to my accommodation to crash out.

Having travelled by bus here from Bangkok, a large part of today has been spent sleeping and the rest of the day has seen me organising myself in terms of getting my bearings, sorting out wi-fi, renting a bike and unpacking but I did manage to find the time to have a quick whizz around the city by bike and I’m pleased to say that I definitely like what I’ve seen.

I’ve committed to one month here so far and if things don’t work out as I hope, then of course I’ll move on but if I do love it as much as I’ve been told I will then I could be here for as long as six months. In that time I’m hoping to do some serious work on this online space that I inhabit and step one of that process will be to dig out the plan for I made for 2012, re-work much of the times scales, drop a few of the goals, add a couple of new ones, before sharing it with you and then getting on with turning plans into action.Β This definitely feels like a new chapter in my life and I’m excited to see how it will unfold.