In terms of goal achievement, this month probably goes down as my worst yet as I achieved only one out of my six goals in total. I feel okay about this. When I originally set my goals back at the end of July, I failed to take into account that for two weeks in August I would be on holiday. When I did realise, I told myself that I could work on my goals while I was away, however, this was not to be. Because on that holiday I learnt an important lesson about doing less and giving myself recovery time, free of goals and to do lists. See my post titled ‘The importance of being still’ to read more on that.

In this post I update you on how I got on with the goals I set myself for the month of August. To remind you, they were:

Personal goals for August 

  1. Raise £400 in sponsorship for a skydive (in October).
  2. Learn a 3-5 minute hula-hoop routine.
  3. Make first sale of a personal item using Baker’s ‘Sell Your Crap’ guide.

Business Goals for August 

  1. Conduct at least one interview with another blogger.
  2. Double the number of subscribers to
  3. Do at least one guest post.

Raising money for Bowel Cancer UK

I haven’t pushed too hard on this yet and I have already raised a grand total of £220, just over half of what I had hoped to raise during August. My overall target is to raise £1000 and I’ll need to do this by the middle of October, two weeks after I complete a skydive. For more details of why I’ve chosen to do a ‘solo’ free fall, see my post titled ‘What do you trust yourself enough to do.’

I’m not too worried about this goal as there are lots of people who haven’t yet sponsored me that I feel sure will. If you are one of those people you can visit my fundraising page here.

Hula-hooping routine

I didn’t come close to completing this one. I recently rediscovered hula hooping after someone made a comment about it on my blog and I then signed up for a six-class course. I only managed to go to two of the classes because of work commitments and then spent two weeks out of the country without my hula-hoop.

I do intend to continue practicing hula as a means of exercise and a way to de-stress as it’s great fun, but in order to keep it fun I won’t be setting any future hula-hooping targets!

Making a sale

As I talked about in a previous post, I have an overall goal of selling most of my belongings in order that I can a) make some money, b) live a more minimalistic lifestyle and c) travel freely.

I haven’t yet made a sale although I have put my surfboard up for sale at the grand total of £183. It hasn’t sold yet but if anyone is interested in buying it, get in touch. This is one goal I will need to carry forward to September.

Conduct at least one interview with another blogger

I completed this one and had great fun doing so. I interviewed Niall Doherty from Disrupting the Rabblement and if you haven’t already done so, check out the post here.

Double the number of subscribers

This didn’t happen. Since I set this goal I’ve only had seven new subscribers and I now have a total of 31 email subscribers and according to Google Reader 18 RSS subscribers to Life is Limitless.

I know that there are more people reading my blog than are subscribed to it. So why should the number of subscribers matter to me? I suppose it’s an indication of how popular my blog is. it’s a measurement of how many ‘committed’ readers I have and it helps me gauge the growth of my blog.

So why did I fail to achieve this goal? I guess I wasn’t exactly sure how to achieve it. I mentioned it a few times on twitter and I put a call to action on this at the end of each of my blog posts but got little response. I’m going to continue to plug away at this one and welcome any suggestions from fellow bloggers on how to increase these numbers.

Write a guest post

I didn’t manage to achieve this goal. If I’m honest I barely got around to even thinking about it. I am keen to start doing guest posts and would be keen to receive invitations from fellow bloggers. So if you have a blog and you’d like me to write a guest post, let me know.

Goals for September


  1. Complete a training course in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).
  2. Put my CD collection up for sale.
  3. Read ChiRunning book and run 5K.


  1. Write a guest post.
  2. Create a new section of the blog to share about what books I am reading/find useful.
  3. Write a business plan using Corbett Barr’s ultimate business plan workbook for bloggers.

Do you have any goals you are working towards? If so, I’d love to hear about them. Also don’t forget to subscribe below to receive regular updates if you haven’t done so already.