Limitless Women’s Circle

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What is the Limitless Women’s Circle?

Simply put it’s a tribe. It’s your tribe if you choose it to be. It’s the place you go for support to face your fears and do that one thing that requires you to summon every last drop of courage you have. Imagine this. You have a scary goal. One that you do well to avoid taking action on. Why? Because taking action requires you to be courageous and vulnerable all at the same time. How is that even possible you might be wondering.

It’s possible when you embark on this journey with the full support of a circle of soul sisters, led by yours truly.

We’ll get together for a 90-minute group coaching call twice a month and when we’re not sharing our souls that way, we are sharing, co-creating, supporting and jamming online in our own private Facebook group.

We look at what you are doing to fulfil your purpose and what might be getting in the way of that. We look at love and relationships (and all that entails), we cover dealing with family, friends and work colleagues, putting your own needs first without feeling selfish or guilty, establishing healthy boundaries we also look at health, our relationships with our bodies and living in harmony not only with your menstrual cycle but the four seasons and all of the gifts that each of them bring.

So whether you want to find the man of your dreams, build your dream business or heal your relationship with your mom, this circle promises to be a safe and nourishing space to achieve your goals your way.


What Circle members are saying

“Joining the ☆Limitless Women’s Circle☆ in January was an important and empowering gift to myself for 2016. I was looking for support and connection with kindred spirits and with open, brave and inspiring Women.  Also having had a few coaching calls with Caroline Leon, which rocked my world, empowered me so much and brought huge healing to my heart & Soul, I wanted to be part of her tribe very badly! In just a couple of months being part of this sacred, gentle, creative and supportive space, I have met Soul sisters, I have grown like, wow, I have received validation, amazing support, so much love, beauty, grace, vulnerability, strength, a lot of inspiration and so much more. Caroline holds a space for us that is both loving and challenging, which are the essential ingredients for growth and transformation. I am hugely grateful and my heart is bursting with love for all the amazing Women in this sacred Circle.  And I look forward to meeting and welcoming the Soul sisters who will feel the call to join in!”

~ Julie Le Carrer


“Being part of this group has been delicious and soul-nourishing and insightful and has brought me many new sister soulmates, one of whom I am now creating retreats with! If you’re looking for deep connections with other women, amazing coaching from a highly sought-after coach (and heavenly woman), and deep level transformation in your life and business, I highly (very, very highly) recommend checking out the Limitless Women’s Circle.”

~ Stephanie Lisa Kelly


“I have found being part of the Limitless Women’s circle has really helped me to feel more connected and less alone as I’ve heard the desires and struggles shared by the other women. Caroline has created a space for people to feel safe and heard; she authentically guides people using her coaching skills and shares what she’s learned to help give both clarity and direction. This enables the individuals to feel empowered and much more confident in themselves. These calls are ideal for women who are looking for support to transform themselves and to flourish.”

~ Josie Hai Diep


What will I get from membership?

⇻ Admission to a live 90-minute group call hosted by me, twice a month (at least). ⇻ MP3/video recordings for each call in the event that you can’t make the call live. ⇻ Access to an archive library of all our past calls and notes so you don’t miss a thing regardless of when you join. ⇻ Access to a private community on Facebook where we’ll share what’s going on for each other on a daily basis. I’ll be asking empowering questions, sharing resources and checking in to facilitate the conversation.


What will happen on the Group calls?

⇻ On the live calls, I’ll be sharing the wisdom I’ve gained from my mentors, coaches and teachers and introducing concepts to help create mind shifts that bring about the changes you desire.

⇻ I’ll be there to mentor and coach you on those very things that seem to be standing in the way of creating your dream life.

⇻ You’ll bring your questions, concerns and fears to the table and together we’ll look at how best to handle them.

⇻ You’ll hear from each other both the challenges and triumphs you are facing as you embark on your journey of personal transformation.


What is the investment?

Your investment into this group is not simply financial. This is a circle for women who are ready to make the ultimate commitment to their own personal transformation and achievement of their wildest dreams.

Time: two hours a month on live calls + time spent sharing and supporting your sisters in the online group.

Financial: A monthly $30 recurring membership fee. (You can cancel any time).

Soul: This circle is for women who are ready to be courageous and vulnerable in equal measure. Women who dare to step into their own power and honour the calling of their soul to take their big leap.

The details

Dates of the calls will be announced here. Check below for the latest dates.

All calls (unless specified) will take place from 4.00-5.30pm CEST/ 3-4.30pm UK / 10-11.30am EST on the following dates:

⇻ Tuesday 10th May 2016 (This call will start at 4.30pm)  ⇻ Monday 23rd May 2016  ⇻ Monday 6th June 2016  ⇻ Tuesday 21st June 2016 ⇻ Tuesday 5th July 2016 ⇻ Tuesday 19th July 2016 ⇻ Tuesday 2nd August 2016  ⇻ Tuesday 16th August 2016

If you have any questions, then drop me a line at or use the contact form here. If you would love to sign up but can’t make the calls because of the timing, let me know by emailing me or using the contact form.