“Caroline is what I reverently refer to as a ‘ninja-level coach’ – she works from a space so profound that you leave each session wild-eyed in wonder at the soul-searing clarity she’s induced, swimming for hours in the most delicious post-revelatory mind-fuck, and completely baffled about what just happened. Her ability to go straight to the core of an issue, to shine light on the one crucial piece, and to tease the knowing and the courage out of you is uncanny. She has raised me up out of my mental swamps and pulled me out of feverish battles with my dragons too many times to count, each time holding firmly onto the cord of my own power until I can grasp it once more. Coaching with Caroline has changed the course of my life; she is a badass, giant-hearted, visionary coach and I am eternally grateful for her presence and wisdom.”


~ Stephanie Lisa Kelly,


“For me working with Caroline felt like working with my Coach ‘Soul Mate’. Being met at such a high level, with so much passion, integrity, intelligence, wisdom and love. My work with Caroline had a deep impact on my life and the creation of my business. I adored receiving her sharp insights, I loved how she goes straight to the heart of things, her ability to sense with so much finesse where a shift is needed, where I need to direct the light on myself, while always reminding me of my own power. I love a challenge and got a generous serving of those by Caroline, I expanded immensely in the time we worked together, and I am still expanding as a result of it. With her support I was able to grow in self-esteem, self-love and self-respect. Our last call was a few months ago and I still to this day hear her voice at times when I need to be guided back to myself. With her support I was able to work through so many fears, and as a result I learned to take my space in the world with heart and authenticity. The list of aspects in which she helped me grow and heal is endless, her impact is for life. I am so ever grateful.”

~ Julie Le Carrer,


“Caroline was able to take that jumbled mess of emotions and get right to the point of what was holding me back. We went deeper into a mindset that I had and found some past experiences that were still lingering. With Caroline’s help, I was able to see the situation with a fresh perspective and have peace within a matter I didn’t think was possible. I’m excited for my new business venture and the new outlook that I have for the future. Life is limitless – especially when you work with Caroline.”


~ Liz Applegate,


“I feel as though I’ve been catalyzed. Since our call just a few short days ago, I’ve honed in and focused on my next steps. They’re clear and inspired and relentless. Caroline, thank you. You’ve helped me to move forward with ACTION, and you’ve helped me to identify what that action looks like (and which actions matter less). I’m thrilled for our next session together.”


~ Helen Mclaughlin,


“I had a coaching call with Caroline a week ago, and I’ve felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders ever since. She listened attentively and helped draw out the issues I was having, then suggested a few tools and perspectives I could use to resolve those issues. Her advice was subtle, but has proven powerful. What I really love about Caroline is that she’s in no way dogmatic. She understands that there’s no magic solution that’s right for everyone. And she encouraged me to experiment with different ideas rather than adopting them blindly.”


~ Niall Doherty,


“I experienced an understanding of what I am deep inside. This understanding is allowing me to believe in my abilities and capacities by identifying the appearance of thoughts of fear and unworthiness as what they are, only thoughts.”


~ Maria Ortega Garcia, 


“It’s funny how quickly I can complicate things. I’ve been working on a project for a really long time, and getting a LOT of advice on how to move forward. Too much advice. My call with Caroline helped me see a very simple, yet powerful way to move forward. It’s a bit outside my comfort zone, but that’s where magic happens, so I trust it’ll be a great move.”


~ Tim McAuley,


“Caroline lifted me up by helping me come back to ground. By reminding me that the future cannot happen until I spend time in the present creating it, and if I create it, I need not fear it. Thank you so much Caroline.”


~ Ann Birchmeier,