I’m currently working on some exciting projects that will see me launching some new resources here at Life is Limitless in the not too distant future. As I do this, I’m finding that I’m encountering some familiar feelings of resistance that always seem to show up just around the time I’m planning on putting myself out there.

I do have my strategies for dealing with this kind of resistance but today it dawned on me that the recurring nature of it, might be an indication that my strategies aren’t working as well as they should be. This breakthrough came during a coaching session earlier today. Having talked through how I usually deal with resistance when it comes up, my coach delivered the following bombshell line to me, “have you considered that you might be resisting your resistance?”

My usual technique for dealing with resistance involves pushing on through, upping my game, talking myself around. What it never involves is accepting, embracing, listening to or sitting with my resistance. In fact sitting with it is precisely what I do my best to avoid. Today I learnt that as long as I ignore my resistance and the reasons behind it, the longer it is going to keep on tapping me on the shoulder to get my attention.

This week I plan to spend some time each day sitting with my resistance, keeping it company if you will and spending some quality time trying to get to the bottom of its concerns. I’m hoping that this gentler approach might be more fruitful for me than my usual tactics of avoidance and/or attack.