On this page you’ll find a range of resources designed to help you live a more limitless live. Some have been created by me. Others are resources created by others that I’m recommending to you because I either use them, have used them or know the creator of them personally and can therefore vouch that their creations will be seriously kick-ass.

Some of the links on this blog are affiliate links, which basically means if you purchase the product I link to, I get a small percentage of the sale. Please be assured that I would never link to a product unless I wholeheartedly believed in its worth.


Limitless Women’s Circle

Womens-circle3The Limitless Women’s Circle is your tribe if you choose it to be. It’s the place you go for support to face your fears and do that one thing that requires you to summon every last drop of courage you have. Imagine this. You have a scary goal. One that you do well to avoid taking action on. Why? Because taking action requires you to be courageous and vulnerable all at the same time. How is that even possible you might be wondering. It’s possible when you embark on this journey with the full support of a circle of soul sisters, led by yours truly.

Whether you want to find the man of your dreams, build your dream business or heal your relationship with your mom, this circle promises to be a safe and nourishing space to achieve your goals your way. Read more here.


The Limitless Living Course

Course-imageDo you have a nagging feeling that there is more to life?

Perhaps you spend your days daydreaming of a better life but with little clue how to create it? Do you feel like the deep well of potential within you is in danger of drying up? Perhaps you have a big dream of walking away from it all and embarking on an epic adventure to discover a deeper meaning to your life? To discover what you are really made of? Read more and get free access to the course here


Flying Lessons by Kelly Rae Roberts

150 x 150 flying lessons badge

I love Kelly Rae Roberts and her work. In this wonderful e-book she shares all that she has learned as she’s built a hugely successful creative business. I bought this to support my business even though coaching isn’t traditionally thought of as a “creative” business and I’ve found it very useful.