Welcome to the first in a series of spotlight posts, aimed at introducing you to some of my favourite bloggers. People whose words I read on a regular basis and who provide a source of inspiration to me.

Today’s post is all about Niall Doherty from Disrupting the Rabblement. I stumbled across Niall’s blog around six months ago and immediately became a fan. When I was creating Life is Limitless, I got a lot of inspiration from reading Disrupting the Rabblement and when I was new on the blogging scene, Niall was kind enough to give me a great deal of helpful advice and feedback.

So when deciding to pick the subject of my first interview, Niall was top of the list. In this post you’ll find the video of the interview, notes on key points within the video and links to some of my favourite blog posts from Disrupting the Rabblement.

A good place to start

I strongly recommending heading over to Niall’s blog to get acquainted for yourself and below are links to some of my favourite posts. These posts all resonate with me a great deal and were really helpful to me at the time of first reading them.

  1. We’re not broken
  2. Embracing a fluid self concept
  3. Trucking through the downswings
  4. How to hitchhike 1,141 kilometres through two foreign countries

I’d recommend checking out the Random Acts of Courage series as mentioned in the interview and I also recommend having a read of Niall’s manifesto titled: ‘Disrupting the Rabblement: How to think for yourself, live your dreams, and piss off some zombies’

I’m signed up to Niall’s Course in Courage already and recommend it to anyone who wants to find the courage to do the things that fear currently prevents you from doing.

The interview

The interview is 24.20 minutes long and I’ve listed below some of the highlights covered within it and the corresponding time.

1.39 – what ‘Disrupting the Rabblement’ means as a concept

3.35 – Facing your fears

6.17 – Random Acts of Courage

8.03 – Travelling around the world without flying

9.29 – Hitchhiking from Spain to Ireland

10.54 – There’s good people everywhere in the world

12.31 – How to avoid burnout

18.05 – Taking the first step to achieving your goals

21.15 – Transitioning into self-employment

21.55 – Thinking for yourself

A spotlight on Niall Doherty from Disrupting the Rabblement from Caroline Leon on Vimeo.