The 77 Transformational Coaching Call Challenge


Live the life you've imagined

So I was talking to my coach recently and a couple of big topics came up. In particular, we looked at my lifelong passion for the topic of personal transformation and the questions that often surface when I look at that. Questions like, how does transformation happen? What creates the conditions for it to occur and how can I deepen my ability to help others with it?

Then being of service came up and THIS question landed on the table:

How can I most deeply and profoundly serve people?

Which led to…

What can I do over the next 6 months to serve at a level higher than I ever have before?

Which in turn led to…

What can I practically do in the next 30 days to serve people at a higher level than I ever have before?

(I’ll be honest this is where I started to feel a bit nervous).

And then this arrived. My answer to that question. The adventure I decided to embark on…

Over 30* days my goal is to book 77** powerful coaching conversations into my calendar.

A few things to mention about these calls:
* They are complimentary.
* They are not chats and they are not for everyone.
* These calls are for people who deeply desire personal transformation (and it’s important to note that not everyone does).
* They are for people who are ready to shift something in their life and are willing to open their mind to a whole new way of seeing things.
* These calls are for people who feel ready to step into the unknown.
* The call will last 90 minutes.

If you are interested in applying for one of these calls, drop me a personal message using the form below and I will send you the next step. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a call with me before and it doesn’t matter if you can or you can’t afford coaching. What matters to me most is your desire for change.

* The 30 day period for scheduling the calls ends on Friday 14th August 2015. The calls can take place any time but need to be booked into my diary by this date.
**If you are wondering why I chose the number 77 rather than a nice neat number like 50 or 100, it’s simply because I like the number 7 and seeing it twice makes me smile.