The Dream Team

You are a new coach.

You’re excited at the possibility of it all.

You can’t think of a better way to impact the world at the same time as feeling fulfilled doing work that lights you up.

But there is a catch.

You don’t know how to build a business.

The idea of selling your services and marketing your business, leaves you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired.

You know there must be a way to be successful without feeling like you are selling your soul on social media.


What if I told you that there is another way?

That you can build a successful coaching business without spending the majority of your time on social media trying to attract new clients?

There is a way to do more of what you love (coaching) and less of what you loathe (writing cringe-worthy sales copy)

There is a way to create your ideal client and fill your practice with clients that excite and inspire you.

I found another way and have used it to build my dream business my way.

There are some key distinctions between the approach I follow and what you’ll normally hear about building a coaching business:

You will create clients rather than waste time trying to attract them.

You will powerfully serve people rather than sell to them.

You will build deep and powerful connections rather than track sales leads.


What you’ll gain

This is an approach that I’ve been studying for nearly two years and have built my dream business as a result.

I’m now launching The Dream Team*, an intimate group program for up to 7 coaches to share the principles I’ve learned and applied in my own business.

Over the course of six months, with a group of inspiring peers, you will:

➳ Learn new and fun ways to fill your coaching practice.

➳ Fall as much in love with the business side of coaching as you are with the coaching itself.

➳ Build and expand a network of engaged connections.

➳ Have the opportunity to experience exponential rather than incremental growth.

➳ Release overwhelm and find day-to-day clarity on what to do to make your coaching business a success.

➳ Release doubts of not being good enough or experienced enough to have an impact as a coach.


Your investment

This program is not for everyone.

It is intense and requires courage, hard-work and tenacity.

In particular, this program works best for those more inclined to take action than to procrastinate.

The financial investment for this program is $3,000.

If you feel excited by what you’ve read so far and what to know more, then let’s talk.


The next Dream Team program begins in April 2016.

* Named The Dream Team because this is the group that will help you to realise your dream of making a living helping other people to realise their dreams