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[00:15:00] Goal setting is a skill

[00:16:00] Letting go of shame

[00:18:10] Being willing to do the hard work

[00:20:03] Focus on action steps rather than the goal

[00:22.28] Dealing with the lows

[00:28:49] The transformation process

[00:29:58] Becoming a different person

[00:32:00] The benefits of your efforts grow with time

[00:33:26] How is staying the same benefiting me?

[00:35:17] Survival strategies that no longer work

[00:37:10] Accepting 100% responsibility

[00:39:00] What true self-care looks like

[00:45:20] What would have to be true in order to feel really good about this?

[00:48:00] Who do I need to become?

[00:51:10] Goal completion often doesn’t feel like we think it should

[00:55:00] Letting go of consistency

[00:59:00] The impact language has on our ability to transform

[01:02:00] If the thing that you started becomes a way to be mean to yourself, you’ll quit.

[01:05:00] It’s all about the process

[01:06:30] The dream is worth it because it’s hard

[01:08:00] Our search for meaning and purpose

[01:09:00] Goals are only relevant in so much as they help us to feel the way we want to feel

[01:11:49] The conditions under which transformation is more likely to occur

[01:13:25] The reality of change (“Shit’s going to get hard”)

[01:16:30] “The more decisions I have to make, the less likely I’m going to do something”

[01:17:00] Dealing with overwhelm by focusing on one thing

[01:24:00] “We complicate things because it lets us off the hook”


Resources mentioned:

Danielle Laporte – The Desire Map


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