Women’s Circle Call # 2

On this page you’ll find highlights, notes and timings for the call.


Show notes

0-00:02:00: Welcome, logistics + participant controls.

00:02:00: Touching base with participants. Asking each of them to respond to the questions: What would you regret not doing this week?

Inspired by the quote by Sidney J Harris:

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”

– Not reaching out to one of my sisters

– Not going to networking event & going to an interview

– Not going to Lean In circle meeting and making sure to introduce herself clearly

– Not finish writing a blog post series

– Not take on a challenge from accountability buddy

– Not having a deep conversation with husband

00:13:40: I used to approach men from a sexy, flirty, light side. Having learned how to build friendships with men – and connect more to them and myself as a whole person, how do I attract a potential partner and how do I now approach someone I’m attracted to? Exploration of relation to men, fears and action steps.

Get clear on what you want. A way is to write out a list about the man you want. Be very clear on your criteria. Don’t compromise out of fear. Be real. Make it specific to you. How do you want to feel? How do you want to be received? Live your life to your fullest potential then you are more likely to meet the man of your dreams. Sometimes when nothing happens, or we don’t attract partners it’s because there is a blockage inside ourselves.

“I feel like there is a lot of fear connected to this.” Look fear in the eyes – when we shine light on something it becomes less scary.

00:42:50: “How to re-connect with my husband now that I’ve changed and developed so much?”

I fear that I took all his optimism and energy from him. I feel is guilt. I would love to support him now. He is unhappy and sad.

In a relationship it’s important that we are allowed to be down. No one can take happiness from another person. This is a perfect opportunity to be there for him. We need to learn to take responsibility for our own feelings. Can you share your desire to support him in any way and then give him the space to go through what he is going through? When it’s too hard to engage, we can mindfully send love to the other.

01:07:00: “How to connect with others? How to connect with people to build my business? I often feel intimidated and small and fear that it will transmit.”

First step is to get clarity around the intention behind connection. Can you let go of the idea that it is bad to want someone to be our client? Can you own that you are offering will be of benefit to some people? It is useful to be fully honest with people.

We can use connection and service as foundation for a business. However this is not a strategy per se. It’s a mindset: how can I give to a person? Shift from sharing what you are offering to with the intention to see if I can support that person?