Women’s Circle Call # 4

On this page you’ll find highlights, notes and timings for the call.


Show notes

Welcome, logistics + participant controls.

00:01:25: Opening with one minute of silence to ground ourselves.

00:02:45: Talking about the feeling of overwhelm – ‘overwhelm is a choice’ – and the feeling of not having enough time. From the book ‘In Praise of Slow’: It’s much better to do fewer things and have time to make the most of them.

00:05:00: Initial check in with each participant asking you to share, name, location and one area in your life where you are feeling overwhelmed or one area where you would benefit from slowing down.

– Overwhelmed by social media and the possibilities

– Health and travelling with health issues

– Areas of business and all the things I want to do

– Not having time on my own

– Cutting back sugar – overwhelming my body with sugar!

– Overwhelmed by own process

00:20:29: “I’ve been feeling very frustrated and out of control lately. I’ve been feeling anxious about my health – I don’t have control, because I can’t control my body. I’ve also been feeling helpless.”

An exploration of these feelings: The disease in our bodies is often telling us something. What does it represent for you? Can you relax into what is in life right now? Sometimes we just need to stop and be exactly where we are – there is nothing we need to fix.

00:38:55: “If I look back one year ago I had no idea I would start my business and do all these things, but still I’m beating myself up for all I need to do. I want to learn to appreciate who I am – I don’t need to prove my value by doing all these things. I’ve put so much pressure and tension on myself, it’s so tiring.”

With people dedicated to growth it’s common to always be looking at what next? As long as there is a ‘When…’ – then we never get there. Appreciation for who you are can happen in an instant. We don’t have to learn do anything; the practice is to realize that we have everything in this moment.

Realisation of “I like the struggle and I need to learn to get comfortable with peace and happiness.”

00:53:18: “How can I bring a sense of slowing down into my daily life? I feel like I’m rushing myself. I have a long history of just enjoying life and not doing anything else. Rushing myself and stressing myself became my way of getting things done. “

Slowing down is a choice we make internally. Seeing the restlessness as a key to slowing down. It’s in that restlessness that you are aware of what is going on.

01:04:58: “Two things are coming up: once in a while I have this thing that I look at my boyfriend and I love him so much and I start freaking out about what if he disappears?

The other one is with my father, he has this feeling towards me and I feel very pushed away by it. At some level he is implying that his happiness depends on me. “

Exploration of these feelings: Are you familiar with the five love languages? Have you spent time with your partner identifying which is your primary love language? It may not be that your fire is brighter but that your language is more verbal for example.

“I’m basically asking him for comfort and for him to love me in the way I used to be loved.”

01:22:18: “I’m scared to feel, I’m just starting slowly to be open to feel again, but then I put myself again in this kind of isolation. I feel alone, because I don’t want to feel. I choose distractions instead. What helps me is to know that I can reach out and talk to all of you.”

Sometimes we’re more comfortable believing that we are in a bad state and believing in our inner critic. That is the wounded child or the inner critic holding up to keep itself safe – and it keeps us from reaching out. It’s a false safety.

I often talk to people about comforting the inner child, but if we are so identified with it, it can be very difficult to comfort our inner self. As well as our inner child there is also our higher self – could you reach out to a higher power when you feel so overwhelm by the pain of childhood wounds?


Resources mentioned on the call:

In Praise of Slow by Carl Honore