I know it’s probably a little early to start talking about the lessons I’ve learnt from undertaking my 30 posts in 30 days challenge but what the heck, I’ve decided to share one of them with you anyway.

Of all the excuses people use for not doing the things that they ‘claim’ are important to them, saying “I don’t have enough time” has to be top of the list. I know, because I’ve used it countless times myself, most recently in the context of keeping up with this blog. Every day that passed when I didn’t write a post, I always managed to justified to myself that I had simply been too busy to fit in the couple of hours needed to knock out a post.

How then, when I’ve have had possibly one of the busiest weeks of my trip so far, when I’ve visited three different countries in only 5 days and spent time with both family and friends have I managed to find the time to write a daily post?

The answer is simple. I made it my top priority and then I made myself accountable by setting it as a goal and sharing it with you. The result has been that even on a jam-packed day of meeting with people or travelling from one country to next, I’ve used every spare second to write, I’ve written in cafes, on planes, in airports, on napkins, in notebooks and on the train and I’ve also spent 80% less time trying to work but wasting time on Facebook instead.

I hadn’t realized just how powerful making something a priority for real rather than in theory would have on my ability to deliver. I also hadn’t realised how much I was using a lack of time as an excuse not to do something that was important to me. It has made me wonder just how much else I could get done if I simply prioritised more effectively.

Is there something that you want to do, but find yourself making excuses for not doing it? Have you tried making it your top priority rather than paying lip service to its importance? I’d love to hear your thoughts.